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Sustainability Policy

Cassandra Oil's mission is to produce oil and gas from materials with high concentrations of hydrocarbons. Cassandra Oil's vision is to become the leading technology for environmentally sustainable extraction of oil from hydrocarbon wastes.

Cassandra Oil's chief contribution to sustainable development lies in promoting better use of resources. Cassandra Oil will also pursue and develop their own activities in a sustainable manner.

Cassandra Oil's sustainability policy is part of corporate governance and is a management issue with responsibility distributed throughout the organization. All employees are expected to live up to these commitments and take their share of responsibility in their daily work.

Environmental Responsibility
Cassandra Oil's contribution to environmental improvement is to allow for better use of resources. Cassandra Oil will seek to limit its own load on the environment and climate.

Cassandra Oil's operations are subject to extensive environmental legal regime that detailed control production, supply, transportation, etc. of waste oil. Cassandra Oil will be obligated to establish environmental impact assessments, risk analyzes, establishment of self-control, etc. for obtaining and operating the necessary permits. Cassandra Oil employ environmental law expertise, both Swedish and foreign, in order to comply with the applicable legislation. Cassandra Oil determines that such expertise is available on the market to cover its needs.

Ethical responsibility
As a company's future activities in various parts of the world to Cassandra Oil operate in accordance with laws and regulations, culture and customs of the countries Cassandra Oil operates and will operate in. When this is found to be practicable and appropriate, Cassandra Oil take responsibility beyond those required by such rules, cultures and customs.

Financial Responsibility
Cassandra Oil is a commercial enterprise that will engage in a profitable business with high growth. There is no conflict between profitability and growth and on the other hand, socially and environmentally responsible. Economic viability and growth is a prerequisite for Cassandra Oil to contribute to sustainable development in the countries Cassandra Oil operates and will operate in.

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